Follow up the previous blog post, I plan to build Fluwix as DApps using Flutter. After search through the Internet, the harsh reality kick in: Most DApps in the market, sample codes and DApps-related libraries and frameworks written in JavaScript and as ReactJS components.

It is not impossible to port…

I think I was familiar enough with the syntax of the Solidity language to write any logic of smart contracts running on the Ethereum platform, what’s next?

I would like to persuade a career in the DApps Development, I think one need to posses the following skills in order to…

This is my personal story of the journey from Java back-end development to Flutter and Ethereum Decentralized Applications (DApps) development. I wrote this post to capture my thoughts and experiences so far for ease of reference in the future.

If you come across my previous blog post of titled “…

I think the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the first use case every Solidity developer need to get familiar with even the ICO mania is behind us.

The token known as Fluwix with symbol FWX, as I assumed whatever I learned here will be integrated into another project of the…


The CI build pipeline is setup with GitHub Actions by referring to the excellent article: Solidity and Truffle Continuous Integration Setup. In general, the execution of the following build processes will be triggered by git push:

  • Unit Testing with truffle test
  • ETH Gas Reporting with codechecks and eth-gas-reporter
  • Test Coverage…

The title of the blog post suppose to be “Flutter App Architecture: flutter_bloc or flutter_clean_architecture or stacked?” as I planned to look into comparison of Flutter App Architecture for flutter_bloc, flutter_clean_architecture and stacked package using the Number Trivia app. Unluckily I bumped into Blockchain Technology recently which need my 100%…

When you see the title you must think that this is a click bait, otherwise it is too good to be true, right? Is there any catch? …

The Rich Text Editor showcase the example of the flutter_quill package shared by Xin Yao from In my opinion, the package is the best Rich Text Editor for Flutter, please let me know if you found a better one.

You can see the following showcase live powered by

The Search Bar showcase the example of the material_floating_search_bar package using the code shared by ResoCoder. The package simplify the creation of expandable floating search bar similar to the one Google used in their own apps.

You can see the following showcase live powered by

The Settings UI showcase the example of the settings_ui package created by The package simplify the creation of Settings screen.

You can see the following showcase live powered by

Lim Chee Kin

A business-minded full stack developer. Experienced in Java technology, interested on DApps, Solidity, Flutter, online marketing and algorithmic trading.

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