Beyond Solidity, The Language

Lim Chee Kin
2 min readSep 3, 2021

I think I was familiar enough with the syntax of the Solidity language to write any logic of smart contracts running on the Ethereum platform, what’s next?

I would like to persuade a career in the DApps Development, I think one need to posses the following skills in order to play the role as professional Blockchain Application Developer:

Unit Testing

Regardless of whether we are practicing Test-Driven Development (TDD), we should write tests for the smart contracts to ensure correctness. Writing Tests in JavaScript from Truffle documentation is a good reference for that matter. The @openzeppelin/test-helpers is a great library to simplify your testing code and you can refer to Testing Time Dependent Solidity Smart Contract Functions using OpenZeppelin Test Helpers for sample code. The solidity-coverage is a good tool on test coverage report.


As smart contracts running on public networks,involved monetary transactions and the source code is most likely open source, it is prone to security attacks. Hence, security aspect is the most important aspect of smart contracts after correctness. I think the best source on learn to write secured codes is start from security section of the Ethereum documentation. Learn by playing the Ethernaut game and reuse well-tested @openzeppelin/contracts library and learn from well-documented million dollar mistakes. Lastly, I think it is best to incorporate code analysis tool such as SmartBugs into automated build pipeline. Thanks to Ender Phan, a security engineer published an article regarding automated pentest.

Gas (Performance) Optimization

As execution of smart contracts in Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) causing money (known as gas), it is best to write optimize code for the core features or commonly use functionalities of the DApps. I just find out that we can optimize the codes beyond Solidity by using Inline Assembly. Also, I heard of eWASM, the Ethereum client with Web Assembly runtime, which ultimately will replace EVM. After some research, I think it is still in infancy stage and currently not much progress. But that doesn’t stop us from getting ready and trying it out with Compile Solidity to Web Assembly with SoLang or Deploying a WebAssembly smart contract on Oasis Ethereum.

Updated on Sep 16: The Unit Testing, Security and Gas Optimization brought together with a build automation pipeline, please see the Solidity and Truffle Continuous Integration Setup with GitHub Actions to find out more.


No application is an island including DApps, it need to integrate with external entities to function well, for example:

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