Flutter Widgets Explorer now Fluwix

I’m glad to inform you that Flutter Widgets Explorer is rebranded to Fluwix. Start from now the mobile apps and the web app under one brand name.

I think the experience of manage the re-branding process is worth sharing here besides the announcement. First of all, if you change the applicationId of the android app, you’re actually publish a new app instead of update the existing one in the Google Play Store. Hence, you need a proper way to phase out the existing app and inform user the new app. I’m adopted the following process:

1. Making all the necessary changes for app re-branding and publish the new app to Google Play Store.

2. Once the new app is ready to be installed by users, update the existing app to inform users to install the new app. I’m using alert dialog, please refer to the following screen:

3. After user click the “Install Now” button, it will bring the user to the Google Play Store screen to install the app.

Please let’s me know if you have better way to manage the re-branding process.

Thanks for your patient and reading till here. You are invited to fork the fluwix github repo, add your code and send me pull request. The key takeaways are you can showcase your code live in an Android app, Fluwix.com and embedded HTML (as iframe) in your blog post. We will take care the hassles of managing the deployment, production and marketing for you. If you’re interested, please submit your idea of showcase.

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By the way, you can install the Fluwix (formerly Flutter Widgets Explorer) app to your android phone.

Kindly raise an issue if you have any problem running the Fluwix on your mobile or web.

If you are interested to reuse the source code of the screen, please check out the retiring branch of the git repository hosted at https://github.com/limcheekin/fluwix. Feel free to fork the repository and send me pull request.

Hope to hear from you!

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