Solidity and Truffle Continuous Integration Setup with GitHub Actions

Lim Chee Kin
3 min readSep 16, 2021


The CI build pipeline is setup with GitHub Actions by referring to the excellent article: Solidity and Truffle Continuous Integration Setup. In general, the execution of the following build processes will be triggered by git push:

  • Unit Testing with truffle test
  • ETH Gas Reporting with codechecks and eth-gas-reporter
  • Test Coverage with solidity-coverage and coveralls
  • Secure Code Analysis with smartbugs (11 tools supported)

Please refer to the full GitHub workflow file at .github/workflows/truffle.yml. I will further elaborate each build process below.

Build Processes

Check out the source code

First, check out the source code from GitHub repository.

- uses: actions/checkout@v2

Setup NodeJS

Setup NodeJS environment required by Truffle.

- name: Setup NodeJS 14
uses: actions/setup-node@v2
node-version: '14'
- name: Show NodeJS version
run: npm --version

Create .env file (Optional)

This step is optional. It is for generate .env file with environment variables defined in DOT_ENV secret. These environment variables are used in unit testing.

- name: Create .env file
run: echo "${{ secrets.DOT_ENV }}" > .env

Please refer to the GitHub documentation on how to create Encrypted Secrets.

Install Truffle

Install truffle globally.

- name: Install Truffle
run: npm install truffle -g

Install Dependencies

Install dependencies that used in build process such as @codechecks/client, coveralls, eth-gas-reporter, solidity-coverage or functional/testing code such as @openzeppelin/contracts, @openzeppelin/test-helpers, etc.

- name: Install Truffle Dependencies
run: npm install

Run Truffle Test

The CI=true flag is required for the creation of the gasReporterOutput.json file to be consumed by eth-gas-reporter/codechecks.

- name: Run Truffle Test with CI=true for Codechecks  
run: CI=true truffle test

Expected output:

Run Codechecks

This step will generate ETH gas report for smart contracts.

- name: Run Codechecks
run: npx codechecks
CC_SECRET: ${{ secrets.CC_SECRET }}

Expected output:

You need to request the CC_SECRET from for CI build.

Run Test Coverage

- name: Run Test Coverage
run: truffle run coverage

Expected output:

Send Coverage Data To Coveralls (Optional)

This step is optional. First, it generates .coveralls.yml file with repo_token defined in DOT_COVERALLS_YML secret. Then, it sends the coverage data to coveralls.

- name: Generate .coveralls.yml file
run: echo "${{ secrets.DOT_COVERALLS_YML }}" > .coveralls.yml
- name: Send Coverage Info to CoverAlls
run: cat coverage/ | npx coveralls

You need to request the repo_token from

Setup Python

Setup Python environment required by SmartBugs.

- name: Setup Python 3.8  
uses: actions/setup-python@v2
python-version: 3.8 # Version range or exact version of a Python version to use, using SemVer's version range syntax
architecture: 'x64' # optional x64 or x86. Defaults to x64 if not specified
- name: Show Python version
run: python --version


Setup SmartBugs

Clone SmartBugs from GitHub repo and install dependencies.

- name: Clone SmartBugs Repo
run: git clone
- name: Remove SmartBugs Results and Install SmartBugs Dependencies
run: cd smartbugs;rm -r results;pip install -r requirements.txt

Run SmartBugs Analysis

Run analysis by iterating over all solidity files except Migrations.sol and store the outcome to the results directory.

- name: Run SmartBugs Analysis
run: |
solidityFiles=($(ls -I Migrations.sol contracts))
DIR=$(pwd);cd smartbugs
for sol in "${solidityFiles[@]}"
echo "Analysing $sol..."
python --tool all --file $DIR/contracts/$sol

Store The Results

Move the results directory out of smartbugs directory and store it in current GitHub repo.

- name: Move SmartBugs Results to Parent Directory
run: |
[[ -d results ]] && rm -r results
cd smartbugs
mv results ../
- name: Commit SmartBugs Results
uses: EndBug/add-and-commit@v7
author_name: github-actions
message: 'chore: added smartbugs results'
add: 'results'

Known Issues

  • The Run Codechecks step above generates the expected output locally but not in GitHub Actions.



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